Dream Eater

Dream Eater a non-romantic dark fantasy short story set in the world of the Awakening
Dark Fantasy
Story Type
Short Story

30 pages (kindle)


978-0-9879027-6-4 (ebook)

Story Contains
Dream logic
The waiting evil

To secure his granddaughter’s future, he must return and face the nightmare of his past.

Dezmond Daamon never wanted to return to Daamon Manor – where a creature of fear and anguish devoured his wife and brother – but now duty demands it of him. It’s the only place he knows to keep his granddaughter safe from the demons that now plague the earth – and the only place he can prepare her to fight them.

But while state-of-the-art technology can keep the roaming demons out of the crumbling manor, there’s just one problem – it’ll also trap any abominations lurking there inside.

Abominations like the living Nightmare that robbed Dezmond of his wife.

Now, the venerable wizard is trapped within the confines of his family home – and finds himself stalked by a creature that conjures up fear and tragedy to devour its prey.

For Dezmond to have any hope of survival, he’ll have to do what he’s spent decades avoiding – turn inward, and face the pain and anguish of his past.

Dream Eater is a chilling, dark fantasy adventure set in the Awakening Fractured Memories series by A.V. Dalcourt – rich with visceral detail and dream-like symbolism.

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Excerpt from Dream Eater

“Dezmond!” A young boy pushed against him, urging him to wake.

Dezmond groaned. "Leave me alone."

The boy climbed up on him and pried his eyelids open. "I know you're awake, Dez. You promised you'd help me with my project! Now wake up! Waaaaaaake up."

They were in his childhood home, in the bedroom where he and Alistair had built forts out of their beds, using their blankets and pillows. One tall window allowed the moonlight to shine down on them.

Dezmond attempted to frown at Alistair, but it was far too difficult a feat when both top eyelids had been pulled from their respective eyes. “Get off, my eyeballs are shrivelling!” He pushed his sibling to the floor.  “I thought you meant you wanted help tomorrow. It's got to be...” Dezmond reached for his digital clock and stared at the dark red numbers shining up at him. It took a moment for him to understand what he was reading; the numbers didn't quite make sense. His brain assured him that they said it was “far too early in the morning to be checking the time”. He agreed with his brain and he put the clock down.

The boy smiled at him. Alistair was nine years old, Dezmond's elder brother and favourite playmate.

Dezmond remembered this night. It was August, and Alistair was eager to grow his own special berries this year. The concept of growing produce still eluded the children, but try they did, every year, by planting everything from buttons to sticks and watching and waiting for signs of growth.

Dezmond wasn't so keen on sneaking off to the shed to check on the progress of whatever Alistair had planted.  He stared down at his older brother. He would find Alistair in the morning...

As if on cue, Alistair leaped to his feet and pulled on his brother's sleeve, playing out the memory, oblivious to the drastic change in Dezmond’s age. "Come on! We don't know when Mom and Dad will be up!"

The older man got up out of his childhood bed, rubbing his back. His bones ached, and it hurt to breathe. He struggled to focus. Memories of a forgotten life nagged at him, begging for attention. Yet he couldn't grab hold of the threads of that reality. A part of him was desperate to remain with his brother, to return to a simpler time in his life. To a time where fighting demons was kept secret.

He followed Alistair out of their shared bedroom.


Dalcourt delivers a powerful dream world that is best enjoyed while awake.

Dalcourt's writing is smooth and fluid. In a setting as lucid as the dream world, transitions between realities can be difficult. This quick, exciting read was easy to follow, and even easier to get wrapped up in. We all wish there was some method to the madness of our dreams, and Dalcourt brings that to life here in just 8,000 words. Worth the read. Eagerly anticipating getting to read her other works.

Amazing intricate dream world!

Dream Eater - a prequel short story in the Awakening Fractured Memories collection. Beautifully written with great imagery and well-crafted action that flows smoothly from one scene to the next. The rules become clear as Dezmond works to break free of the Nightmare that engulfed him, his home and family. A short but frightening experience.

Lovely Quick Read- Especially Right Before Bed.

DREAM EATER is a quick read that I enjoyed. I am not a sci-fi kind of reader, so this was a nice way to subtly introduce a reader to that genre. Not saying that it is completely sci-fi just some small elements that help the nightmarish story along.

We follow Dezmond as he enters his once childhood home and where the worst day of his life took place. The moments between brothers and his wife were touching. Then things turn to a darker realm, a darker dream and memory. I absolutely fell in love with Norbert in this story, good or bad, Norbert melted my heart. The dream-eating concept is intriguing, and so much more can be developed out of it.

Gamer Heaven.

The reader is right there in the action, practically sitting on the shoulder of the main character as he moves around a house filled with memories, obstacles, his worst nightmares and his fondest loves. Each room of the house contains a different battle, and it's bizarre and intriguing, yet riveting at the same time. I found parts of it terrifying and other parts tender and heart wrenching - that's the kind of story it is. The author kept me on my toes the whole time with no moment to rest. It's good, very good and not what you're expecting.

Beautiful, purely beautiful!

I couldn't put this book down. I never wanted it to end and when it did, I read it again. This was a really good story and I hope for more.

Enjoyable and intriguing read

Truly immerses you in a dream world that takes you through a journey of love, loss, sorrow, laughter and so much more. This book truly captures what it is to be in the world of dreams in a way I've never seen done so well.

Well written and easy to read

It was not as fast paced as I wanted it to be. It was interesting and I liked the storyline.


If only this was just a hair longer, I didn't want it to end. Demons and demon hunters and creatures that eat your dreams, oh my. Eek, including nightmares. This is a really cool book that everyone should want to read. Highly recommended.